Christine Tovee

Christine Tovee

Graduation Year: EngSci 9T3 - Aerospace

Presentation Title: Aerospace in the 21st century- A global love affair



Christine Tovee grew up in Sudbury, ON dreaming of being an astronaut. She holds a bachelor degree from the University of Toronto in Engineering Science- Aerospace Option. She later attended MIT in Cambridge, MA earning her masters degree in the department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Her research contributed to an experiment completed during the Neurolab space shuttle mission. She has 15 years of experience in the aerospace and defense industries located in Europe and North America mainly with BAE SYSTEMS and Airbus Group (formerly EADS) focusing on engineering management and research and innovation. Highlight projects included Paradigm Skynet V military satellite communications network and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) including supporting the UK Ministry of Defence in developing their future UAV strategy. Christine, then, moved to EADS in Munich, Germany and became the Chief of Staff to the Corporate Technical Office. After three years, she was appointed Chief Technology Officer for the Airbus Group, North America. She was based in central California until she left the company in 2015. After some travel, Christine has returned to Canada to pursue a variety of interests in new technology and innovation. In the spring of 2017, she was appointed to Canada's Space Advisory Board, advising the federal Minister for Innovation, Science and Economic Development on the upcoming national strategy for space. She is also a private pilot and has had the thrill of exploring the Australian Outback flying a Cessna 172.

Presentation Abstract

Advances in the aerospace have, from the beginning, shortened distance across geography and connected people and ideas. It has pushed boundaries and expanded horizons. Now, since 2000, the group of nations participating industrially in the aerospace sector is covering the globe. Through revisiting a personal journey across the international aerospace landscape, this presentation will focus on the future challenges and evolution of the sector. Promising innovations focusing on technology will be outlined alongside new business models and practices disrupting the industry. How the individual can create a set of skills and leverage opportunities from Canada and beyond will be discussed.